Media Loft

Media Loft, founded in 1978, was established to provide a unique working environment for artists, designers, craftsmen and a variety of art-related businesses. In 1983 it moved to its present site in the historic Knickerbocker Press building complex and expanded to create affordable live-work space for its artist community.

In 2003, Media Loft converted to an Artist’s in Residence Condominium offering, in addition to affordable space, the security of ownership. Committed to creating innovative live-work spaces for both emerging and established artists -- along with shared resources and collaborative opportunities -- it takes a leadership role in the Westchester arts community. Here, artists are able to shape their spaces to support both their work and their individual lifestyles.


Media Loft Gallery
An Alternative Space for Emerging Artists

The Gallery at Media Loft has been established to provide exhibit space for the Artist's in Residence as well as for emerging artists from the community and beyond.  We are committed to quality exhibits, providing guidance to new artists for installations, promotional opportunities and, in general, how to bring their work to public attention.

Gallery Directors: Nancy Egol Nikkal, Robin Tedesco, Judith Weber
Installation Advisor: M. Jane Balanoff

For information contact:
Judith Weber 914-235-9027




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